Thursday, 20 February 2014


Pagi ni aku masuk opis..kecoh ada sorang member aku ni..isi minyak..dia dapat FREE RM50 apabila diaisi di PETRON Jalan Klang Lama. Siap call semua adik beradik pergi..DAH.. SATU famili kenyang PETROL RM50 setiap satu kereta.. 

PERGH..TAWARAN APER NI..? EXTRAVAGANZA SUNGGUH..tak rugi ker kedai minyak tu? Bila aku check dengan orang kerja PETRON sendiri..dia pun tak tahu.. huhu..rupa-rupanya.. 


A Firefly air stewardess helping a lucky winner fill up free petrol at a Petron station in Subang.

Listen up and rush for free petrol

THE “Petrol Crazy” campaign offering petrol as prize started off with a bang on Monday.

It saw many Red FM and Suria FM listeners rushing to two petrol stations to claim their free petrol after being given a password on air.

Under the campaign, launched by Petron Malaysia and airline company Firefly, listeners of the two radio stations could win up to RM100 worth of ‘Blaze’ 97RON fuel between Feb 17 and 28.

Two selected Petron stations nationwide will be selected each day, with its locations to be revealed on air three times a day.
Each day, listeners would have to tune in to either Red FM or Suria FM to listen for the secret password which they need to redeem the petrol.
They then have to drive to the said Petron stations to redeem RM50 worth of petrol.

Firefly customers who have purchased any of their flight tickets during the campaign period will be eligible to receive RM100 worth of petrol with each password.

Red FM radio deejays JJ and Lil' Kev (left) helping a lucky customer pump in free petrol in conjunction with the Petrol Crazy Campaign while Star Radio Group chairman Datuk Borhanuddin Osman (fourth right), Firefly chief executive officer Ignatius Ong (second right) and Petrol head of retail sales Faridah Ali (right) looks on

Red FM radio deejays Lil’ Kev (left) and JJ helping a lucky customer to pump free petrol in conjunction with the Petrol Crazy Campaign. Looking on are Star Radio Group chairman Datuk Borhanuddin Osman (fourth right), Firefly chief executive officer Ignatius Ong (second right) and Petrol head of retail sales Faridah Ali (right).

Only one name per booking number is eligible for the reward during the redemption period.

Each day’s password would be valid for either one hour after it is given, or until each Petron station runs out of their daily quota, whichever came first.
The first password was given on Monday, and radio listeners soon turned up at one of the competing Petron stations in Sunway.

As the first winner drove in, she was greeted by photographers and reporters. Minutes later, other listeners turned up eager to cash in on the free fuel offer.
The nationwide promotional campaign is being funded by Petron, Firefly, and the Star Radio Group, and is set to cost RM72,000.

“This is our first foray into a partnership with a petrol company. It will be interesting to see what it’s like giving out free petrol,” said Firefly chief executive officer Ignatius Ong.

Star Radio Group chairman Datuk Borhanuddin Osman said the campaign was about combining new and fresh companies.
“So, happy filling, happy flying, and happy listening!” he said
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